Pacing and Sensing

Medtronic Device: PM Field: Pacing & Sensing

Medtronic paths associated with this specificity

65-year-old man implanted with a dual-chamber Ensura pacemaker for syncope due to high grade atrioventricular conduction disorder; severe renal failure; syncope occurring a few hours prior to a dialysis session, 2 months after implantation of the pacemaker. 

81-year-old woman, implanted with an Adapta dual-chamber pacemaker for atrial disease; evolution towards well-controlled chronic AF; programming in VVIR mode 60-120 beats/minute; asymptomatic, routine visit.

72-year-old man implanted with an Adapta dual-chamber pacemaker for sinus dysfunction; programming in AAIRxDDDR mode; reappearance of symptoms typical of lipothymia and fatigue.

69-year-old man with complete atrioventricular block and post-surgical replacement of an aortic valve; numerous episodes of atrial arrhythmia in the postoperative phase; control 1 month post-implantation.