Reveal Linq

Medtronic Device: ILR Field: Reveal Linq

Medtronic paths associated with this specificity

50-year-old woman with sudden syncopal episodes complicated by trauma with complete negative etiological assessment (electrocardiogram, echocardiography, Holter-ECG, tilt-test, electrophysiological study); implantation of a Reveal LINQ and discharged home; a few months after discharge, remote transmission report of detected episodes with diagnosed Symptom, Pause and Brady.

A 22-year-old patient with an electrocardiogram characteristic of Brugada syndrome (type 1) and repeated syncopes of systematic vagal origin; implantation of a Reveal Linq; after his return home, episode of syncope with marked prodromes; recording triggered by the patient.

Same patient as in tracing 15.