Medtronic Device: CRT Field: Effort

Medtronic paths associated with this specificity

51-year-old man implanted with a triple-chamber defibrillator Consulta CRT-P for ischemic cardiomyopathy with left bundle branch block; excellent clinical response to resynchronization, a stress test (steps) is performed with the telemetry wand of the programmer placed over the device.

Young patient (24 years old) implanted with a triple-chamber pacemaker Consulta CRT-P for a complete congenital AV block; dizziness during exercise; stress test performed on an ergometer with the telemetry wand placed over the device.

64-year-old man implanted with a triple-chamber defibrillator Consulta CRT-D for ischemic cardiomyopathy with complete AV block; shortness of breath during exercise.

25-year-old patient, high-performance athlete (skiing and endurance sports), having undergone cardiac surgery (Tirone David valve surgery) as part of an aortic bicuspid condition; the intervention was complicated by the occurrence of a complete and permanent atrioventricular block; the patient underwent  implantation of a triple chamber VIVA CRT-P pacemaker by surgical epicardial access; after a 3-week rehabilitation period, he progressively resumed sports activities which was accompanied by