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    "Understanding complexity of how the ICD works makes you better understand how, when and why therapy is delivered and how to program an ICD appropriately"
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    20 situations cliniques en stimulation cardiaque
    How to induce Upper limit of vulnerability Why to induce Diaphragmatic myopotentials Double counting of the R-wave EMI : Electromagnetic interference Lead dysfunction P-wave oversensing Spontaneous T-wave oversensing Pectoral myopotentials Biotronik Discrimination Boston Scientific Discrimination Medtronic Discrimination ST Jude Medical Discrimination Sorin Discrimination Shocks in VF zone ATP in VF zone ATP in VT zone First shock in VT zone Counters and detection zone    
    Bi-V ICD with 3rd AV Block  
    After undergoing implantation of BiV-ICD, the next day check shows the patient is receiving pacing in the ventricles less than 50 percent of the time.  A rhythm strip is printed through the programmer…
    BiV Pacing into Slow VT VCUHS Case Study
    Medtronic EP Case Study Atrial Lead Fracture
    St. Jude: Arrhythmia Detection
    Atrial Capture Tests Based on the marker channels alone, it appears as if capture is lost here.
    Medtronic EP Case Study STJ SVT Discriminators